Debbie Mejia

Rocksteady Jewelry was created by Debbie Mejia, a self-taught jewelry designer with an individual style inspired by her many travels and explorations of fascinating cultures. Each piece is “one of a kind” made using high quality uniquely shaped stones and 24k gold overlay or 14k gold fill to create a very feminine look.

Debbie grew up in Calgary Canada where her inspiration for jewelry design began. Her passion started in the Rocky Mountains of Banff, Canada. Many weekends were spent attending native art collections and viewing the enormous glaciers and beautiful natural scenery. Debbie thus began designing native Canadian, plant and animal inspired pieces.

At the age of 18, Debbie moved to Vancouver, Canada to be near the ocean. Over the next 17 years, the beautiful coast, nature and multi-ethnic culture of Vancouver has evolved her jewelry line to include ocean inspired designs as well as a distinct Asian feel to all her creations.

Debbie also spent 7 months backpacking solo through the jungles, volcanoes and beaches of Central America. The colors and diversity of the land she encountered on her expeditions has become an inspiration to many pieces in her current collection.

While traveling yet again, this time to San Francisco, Debbie met the love of her life Joel, also an artist with Central American roots, who has been instrumental in the creation of Rocksteady Jewelry.

Rocksteady Jewelry can be experienced at various art festivals in California, as well as by appointment.